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Excuse me
Where do you find the formula 1 content apart from here
i've read comments that formula-monkey has the best content available for f1 but you need to find a member who can send you an invite. All the best thumb_up

Saddest moment ever in mugello cry
really wrong timing, its put him in a tight spot. He needs a really strong comeback!!!

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Thanks for the add!
Happy to accept, my friend.
Ride on...
nice to have you as a friend mikro been seeing you alot on GP uploads so thought lets have a motogp friend on my list thanks for the accept.cheers biggrin

thanks.Marks done a really good job with this, want him to cont the series (Y)

Aaah, Goa.. This brings back memories

About the movie, it was released yesterday, so everyone that says they have a DVD or Blu-Ray(!) copy is definitely lying! lol I've been on the lookout for a possible Screener but no luck. If we're lucky, we might get a Cam somewhere but it'll be some time before a DVD copy appears. I'll keep you posted if I come by anything and I'll also post it on a MotoGP thread I have.
astral projection...good old days man.He played some years back in my city, mental gig it turned out be. I'm in few gp group on fb & our members from uk have received the dvds. Many posted pics with it. The u.s guys are still waiting for it. Oh i'm so excited to watch it heard good review about it.thnks.
DVD release is scheduled for the 7th
which is faster than I expected. So it won't be long either way thump_up

Hi matey!
Have a great day!!
g`day mate and thanks for the add cheers

no place like goa Rhodes ;)

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