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Just because you can request for it, DOESN'T MEAN I CAN FIND IT.
If a request goes unanswered after a few weeks, its probably because I HAVEN'T FOUND IT YET.
Thank you, now please stop PMing me about your request...

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Welcome to TheLair!

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And welcome to my lair of Torrents, Reviews and Stories!

I upload mostly academic books and i love to write down reviews.

If you would like to request a book, please do so here:
If i already submitted the request and it is what you're looking for.
Please confirm the torrent.

You can also view my library of books!
Thread: TheDelshady's Library

If you would like for me to review a game, just PM me.

My Reviews
Blog: One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Review Blog: Civilization V Review Blog: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review [NO SPOILERS] Blog: HOTD 2 (The House of The Dead 2) Review Blog: SUPERHOT Review Blog: The House of The Dead: OVERKILL Review Blog: Synthesia Review Blog: Adam Ruins Everything - TV Show Review Blog: Undertale Review Blog: Papa's Cheeseria - Flash Game Review Blog: OpenITG Review Blog: Prison Architect - Video Game Review Blog: Video Game Atrocities - Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Blog: Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) - Anime Review

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My Turorials
Thread: [GUIDE] How to download music from Bandcamp
Thread: [Tutorial] How to become a Fiction Author

Undertale Discussion Thread
Thread: Undertale Discussion Thread

Funny Videos Thread
Thread: Funny Videos from Around The Web

The Bali Trip Trilogy
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PPSSPP Emulator Thread
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How To Be A Serious Uploader: A Guide With Resources
Thread: How To Be A Serious Uploader: A Guide With Resources

100th Blog Special
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Stories written by TheDels (Chronologically based on Timeline of events)
Blog: The Origin
Blog: Alternate Universes
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Blog: Enter The Gungeon
Blog: ETG Ep.2: Gungeon Proper
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DeviantArt Emoticons V2
DeviantArt Emoticons (Larger Icons)
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Underline (Chara's AU Story)

Sans of The Week
Underfell Sans

Ship of The Week
NiceBurger (Nicecream Guy X Burgerpants)

AU of The Week

Gif of The Week
KONAMI's true form
(jk, i am keeping this because i love to spread the word of #FucKonami)

The Completionist's Completion List

Animated Sigs (OPEN)
As some of you very well know, I make animated Sigs for users.
If you want me to make you a Sig, just give me a simple PM with what I should add into your sig.
Whether it be some words, your own profile picture or anything of your choice.
Here are some examples of the Animated Sigs I made in the past:

That's all i can currently say, goodbye and have a nice day!

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The Wall

Anyone wanna sub to my channel for a perfect 1000? ^^;
Nevermind! XP

Chara and her knife, but for cutting flower only rofl

Well, technically...
That was a Worn Dagger from New H-
Why am I cute in this picture...?

What happened?

Had to struggle just for a few hours of Internet using my Brother's (former) laptop....
thanks for accepting the friend request TheDels25.15K
Hey Dels!
Y'know what I hate?
People I block being able to still see and view my stuff.
Seriously, I blocked you because you're:
1. Being an asshole
2. Rep Attacking me
3. I lost respect for you

Get that straight, alright?
I can't wait for that "TotallyBlock" feature for KAT.
Seriously, I am sick of people I blocked being able to see/rate my stuff.
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