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This feature is planned

Email alert for i.e. TV series

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

Its annoying to have to think of looking up regularily/weekly for the next episode available.
Or you even forget about it.
This is the idea of a comfortable way to watch the next episode.
I think its kinda the subscribing thing you already offer, but its not like following one guy, but a series.
Every week/time a new episode is available you should get an email with the weekly new torrents for that series or all series you "follow"/favorite/whatever.

241 comments    8784 views    Suggested by spyPHyps5102 5 years and 11 months ago    
This feature is planned

A "like" button beside your status and a tab saying User Likes which shows how many people like a user!

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

This would be AMAZING!

195 comments    6509 views    Suggested by iKMN9957 5 years and 3 months ago    
This feature is started

Download To Mind feature

 in Other

A button where you click and it downloads wirelessly to your brain where you can watch in your head later on. May require future technology.

397 comments    4706 views    Suggested by xbt8828 3 years and 8 months ago    
This feature is planned

Recommend to Friends

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

Speaks for itself and should have already been available. But, I can let it seeing as there is alot of progress being done anyways and thank you for that.
I would love to have Recommend to a Friend option for any files uploaded. This way I don't need to contact friends about this in other ways. It would also make the Profile itself more interactive.
Not to mention more achievement goals.
Applying an option to exclude from it might be a great addition. If someone doesn't want to have recommendations from friends, have a click this box to be excluded from it - I like that!!
THIS IDEA via succubus incubus

69 comments    3416 views    Suggested by oSTARLORDo4151 5 years and 10 months ago    
This feature is under review

Game Ratings.

 in Torrent Enhancements

A special box for torrents in the Games category in which users can rate games. Also a sorting function based on scores.

59 comments    1374 views    Suggested by RyPeR3417 5 years and 2 months ago    
This feature is under review

KAT Calender

 in General Enhancements

It would be good to have a 'Calender' tab on each users status wall where members can post reminders, important dates, film release dates, TV series start dates, game release dates & birthdays.
Basically, a built-in calender that is specifically designed for KAT members.
It could also be utilised by Moderators for 'mute' date purposes & could record a whole host of information, such as uploaded/downloaded torrents, when friends were added, when things were bookmarked/followed, it could possibly be used to set reminders/alarms.

160 comments    1320 views    Suggested by TimeBandits94.51K 2 years and 3 months ago    
This feature is under review

Trash Box

 in Comments, Messages and Feedback

As we users delete the messages in our mailbox, we cannot display them again, could there be like a trashbox where mails are gathered into before they are completely deleted in order to make sure they arent gone for the good? Because sometimes we unconsciously delete important mails.

56 comments    353 views    Suggested by HopenDarkness77.18K 2 years and 4 months ago    
This feature is planned

TotallyBlock a User

 in Community

today when we block a user, he is blocked from sending PM's and posting on your wall.
Well, i want to totally block a user from interacting with me.
he could not even comment a thread i open, comment a torrent i release, upvoting or downvoting one post i made, downvoting or upvoating a torrent i conclusion...he could not interact with anything i made.
it was like a personal ban

131 comments    1336 views    Suggested by DarkAngie25.98K 3 years and 2 months ago    
This feature is under review

Uploader FAQ page

 in Torrent Enhancements

Please provide Frequently Asked Questions page per uploader (to be configured by the uploader), which could either be linked to from the torrent description, or from uploader profile.
This would be a useful forum for adding general details about all torrents for a particular uploader, such as media players / codec packs required, how to play & burn dvds etc., etc.
I would certainly find this useful

36 comments    2072 views    Suggested by Ch4cal1226 5 years and 9 months ago    
This feature is planned

Download Subtitle

 in Torrent Enhancements

Right next or below torrent a button to download subtitle for the movie in several languages.

82 comments    604 views    Suggested by eATOM18.56K 2 years and 2 months ago    
This feature is under review

Cam category section

 in New Category Suggestions

I think we need a section we cam copies can go into would give an easier option when finding a movie instead of it being mixed in with all other formats
Would keep things in order and easy to see / find
to save confusion here when we change torrent there is no cam cat in the sub categories so we have to put it in just movies i want there to be a cam category so just like with hignes movies it will say movies an then sub cat
this is basically a tool mods use to put movies in the right place so normal users don't see this

59 comments    667 views    Suggested by Species105.48K 2 years ago    
This feature is under review

Living in a Fantasy

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

Hi there. I have a idea of something that might be fun for people to be able to chose.
There is as you well know a selection of country flags you can chose to let people know were you live, from that selection i have seen all kinds of places witch is interesting to me, like "virgin islands" what a place huh.
Anyway i thought it could be fun to have Fantacy places aswel to chose form, like Heaven or Hell. Maby Valhalla or whatever heaven you might have, i think it would be cool to chose between planets aswel and something from mythilogies, all to make it more fun and interesting. This is just a thought and i want to know what you think, is it bad or good?

93 comments    747 views    Suggested by PiratMas20.84K 3 years and 8 months ago    
This feature is planned

Independent film section

 in Torrent Enhancements

I and many others here at KAT would like to see an independent film section. Hope it happens. :)

36 comments    2953 views    Suggested by little D10.48K 5 years and 11 months ago    
This feature is under review

Notifications Tab or Email Notifications

 in Security

If this Feature is added to KAT thn it would be Easier to stay up 2 date with ppl who posted on your wall, Mentions you In The Forums and it would help Fixing the problems in Uploaded Torrents as Uploader will Be Notified Whn Some One Put a Comment on it

41 comments    1399 views    Suggested by V1V3K10.05K 5 years and 2 months ago    
This feature is under review

Display browsing path with shortcuts to go back to any point.

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

When browsing through the site say for example looking at: browse torrents>movies>sci-fi>page20. It would be good to be able to see the path and then click onto any part of that path to go immediately back to that point (with a shortcut) rather than having to go back to the main menu or click back on the browser.

23 comments    2667 views    Suggested by RustyDaFarmer1678 5 years and 9 months ago    
752 6
This feature is under review

Arrange friend names alphabetically

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

It become very difficult when we have 300 , 500 friends to search a friend. So it the names would be arranged alphabetically. Currently on KAT each page arranges according to alphabets and then again starts from first on the next day.

60 comments    415 views    Suggested by JRR_2.1234.18K 1 year and 8 months ago    
This feature is under review

Add blog to Blog Archive Thread automatically

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

When typing the Title of you Blog, somehow it automatically goes in the Blog Archive Thread. I keep that thread in my Watched Threads, but a lot of users don't use it and I miss a lot of Blogs. The wizards can do it, I know you can!!!

69 comments    784 views    Suggested by Smittech141.46K 3 years and 10 months ago    
671 7
This feature is planned

Reply Button in Top Comments

 in Comments, Messages and Feedback

Adding a reply button in top comments also.
If you want to reply to a top Comment, then you should scroll all way down to reply to the Comment!!!
So if there is a reply button in the top comments also, then it would become easier!

37 comments    262 views    Suggested by Sherlockism13.35K 3 years and 2 months ago    
This feature is planned

Add more Privacy options for user profile

 in Achievements, Profile and Friends

There should be more custom options for privacy of our profile.
-Hide ONLY uploads tab
-Hide ONLY comments tab
-Hide ONLY friends tab
-Hide info. like Joined, last visit & Birthday.
or maybe more!

85 comments    1132 views    Suggested by ATOM73.11K 2 years and 3 months ago    
This feature is under review

Images resize

 in Bugs and ASAP

images resize but have no options to view them in full resolution. They should have directly link to view full image resolution or enlarge in same page itself or open in new tab

21 comments    158 views    Suggested by Torrenters2232 2 years and 5 months ago    
601 9
This feature is under review

Add SRT to Advanced Search

 in Search and Indexation

just noticed SRT's are not in the list of advanced search options. I would love to see a quicker way to search just for SRT's but finding torrents with SRT's would be ok. I have deaf people in my family and I'm constantly searching only for SRT's.

57 comments    710 views    Suggested by 7Rebel73211 4 years and 8 months ago    
This feature is under review


 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

A Trash section in messages is good if someone accidentally delete a message.

34 comments    212 views    Suggested by MadeInIran26.2K 3 years and 3 months ago    
558 4
This feature is under review

Music Videos Section in Music Section ,Not in Movies Section

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

The Titles Suggests it all.
Its not an idea ,just a common sense to have music videos section in Music Section ,instead of Movies Section.

41 comments    318 views    Suggested by NimitMak74.85K 3 years and 8 months ago    
557 5
This feature is under review

Language and Year of Release Filter In Search

 in Search and Indexation

When someone searches for a movie or a music album, thousand of entries show up and it gets really difficult to search as there are not many filter options. Therefore I suggest there should be two more filters, one in which user would select the language of the movie/music album and the second filter should be that of year in which the movie/music album released.

19 comments    96 views    Suggested by Mohammad_AT151.05K 3 years and 2 months ago    
This feature is under review

Adding new emoticons

 in Site Mechanics, Design and Development

My list of new emoticon suggestions for the site:
1. Thumbs-Up emoticon
2. Beer Glass emoticon
3. Cool Dude emoticon (smiley with sunglasses on)
4. Neutral emoticon (smiley with only eyes, no mouth-line)
5. Bump emoticon (Fist making a bumping pose)
6. In progress emoticon (Animated spanner, moving as if to unscrew the nut)
7. Crazy emoticon (grinning smiley with an animated squiggly-line for the eyes)
8. Heart emoticon

44 comments    248 views    Suggested by TheArchivist40.19K 1 year and 10 months ago    
12345 32
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